Our portable storage units are flexible enough to fit many situations – from additional home storage while you remodel or move to a construction site or seasonal storage.

TKI also offers several add-ons for your portable unit, depending on how you will be using it and what you’re storing. We hope you find that these options add convenience and security to your experience with our storage units.


When using storage units as large as these, most situations would call for a little organization. If you want to be able to easily access the items in your unit, shelving is a must. Alternatively, many people transform their storage units into usable spaces, like a craft room, hunting storage shack, office storage, man cave, she-shed, etc. To make the space functional, add shelving and make it your own.


TKI offers locks of varying sizes and durability, including load locks, padlocks, red locks and lock boxes—all to keep your items secure and safe.


Consider adding ramps to your portable storage unit to assist you when you need to wheel items inside, whether you’re pushing a dolly full of boxes or driving up a vehicle such as a 4-wheeler or ATV. Our ramps are one of the ways to make using your storage unit much easier.

Support Bars

These restraining bars are helpful when the storage container is partially full or needs to be transported. Load up part of your unit, and keep things in place by placing a support bar across the items.


Contact us to reserve your portable storage unit, in 10’ standard, 20’ standard, 40’ standard (with one or two doors), or 40’ high cube unit sizes. All rectangular units are 8 feet across and 8.6 feet tall, while the cube unit is 8 feet across and 9.6/12” tall. We look forward to hearing from you!