Tom Kraemer, Inc. is a family oriented business focused on developing great relationships with our customers, clients, and community. We feel that it is part of our mission not only to strengthen the community but to give back to it because it is this community that has allowed our business to grow. TKI is rooted in Cold Spring, Minnesota, so we care very deeply about the area and the people who live in it. We give back because that’s what being part of a community means.

Looking Back: What We Have Done for the Community

During the peak of the Christmas season, we stayed warm ringing bells outside of the Coborn’s Supermarket in St. Joseph for three wintery nights. Although the weather was cold and snowy, we did not let it deter us from raising money for our local Salvation Army. We hold our commitment to the community in high esteem and know that the holiday season—although filled with family fun for many of us—can be a difficult time for some. To learn more about what you can do for our local Salvation Army click here.

TKI bell ringers.jpg   bell riners 2.jpg

In addition to volunteering for the Salvation Army, we donate to the Cold Spring Food Shelf, as well as the Glenwood Area Food Shelf. We try our best to show our gratitude to the communities that support us.

Looking Ahead: Future Plans for the Community
run-1738815_640.jpgWe are excited to announce that this spring, we will be participating in the annual iRock Run in Cold Spring on April 15! All of the proceeds from the event will go to the United Way of Central Minnesota, which has been caring for our community for 50 years and improving lives by connecting community resources to accelerate community-wide solutions. If you are interested in participating or just want to learn more about the iRock Run, click here!

At the end of the day, our goal is to strengthen the community by giving back and donating our time and resources to those less fortunate than ourselves. By helping the greater community through volunteering as well as the services we provide at TKI, we help ourselves. When it comes to relationships you get out what you put in – and we can attest to that first hand.

To learn more about TKI and the services we offer, visit our website.