If you’ve ever been hunting, you understand the feeling that comes with waking up early, making a hearty breakfast, and taking the long trek to your hunting stand. Taking in the sounds and scents of the early morning fall air, the chirps of the birds, the rustle of the squirrels in the leaves, and the search for your hunting stand are a right of passage. 
Unfortunately, so is lugging all of your equipment with you every morning, noon and night.
There isn’t much worse than climbing 15 feet up a tree to find out you’ve forgotten your favorite deer call or your extra bottle of water. At TKI, we’ve got the perfect solution; a storage unit that you can use to contain all of your hunting equipment.

Secure and Convenient
Our portable storage containers are available to buy or rent and provide ground-level access, come with easily locking doors, and are durable, watertight and rodent proof. With 8×20 and 8×40-foot units available, we’ve got what you need to keep all your extra hunting supplies safe, secure and organized.

Options, Options, Options
A TKI storage container is simply the most secure storage option out there but what you do with it from there is limitless. A locker room for all of your gear, a secure place to keep your ATV when you’re not around, or as a warming house on those cold days.
From shelving on the inside to windows and doors to make it livable, TKI is your one-stop storage container solution. Call our knowledgeable, courteous staff at 877-251-0151 and let us walk you through all the options of your new hunting container, or complete a request info form.
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