Fall is here again, and for some Minnesotans, that means Halloween, Thanksgiving, fall colors, and boots. For others, this means hunting season… and not much else. Crisp fall air goes hand in hand with camouflage, crunching twigs, and coffee in a thermos drunk from a bird blind at 6:00 in the morning. At TKI, we’re no different.

We are a family oriented business that is focused on developing great relationships with our customers and our clients. The ability to come together and be an effective team is important, but we also think it is important to implement our family values and relationships into the workplace. During hunting season, we think the best way to accomplish this is through hunting pheasants. The Kraemer family has always considered this a great time to get the TKI Family together for some good bonding and team building time.

Our hunting tradition was started because many of our employees enjoyed pheasant hunting. We began gathering the guys together a few years back (11 or so) and it has become an important tradition; it encourages team bonding and is also a way for us to show how thankful and appreciative we are to our team and the jobs they do for us. This hunt is the ultimate combination of great food, great laughs, and great friends and family.


Team Bonding Activities

The day starts off (as it does for many hunters) at the crack of dawn. The guys get together for some early breakfast at Gold Meadows Hunting Preserve before heading to target practice. They then split off into teams and return around noon for a catered prime rib lunch. All these activities are great ways to encourage team bonding because they remove people from the workplace and allow them to have fun and unwind.
According to The Team Building Directory, team building helps employees be more productive because they improve morale and leadership skills, they clearly define goals and objectives, and they improve organizational productivity. As a result, we build closer relationships outside the workplace and become better at working together in the workplace. And we get the chance to bag some birds.
At the end of the day, our goal is to have some fun and build a better culture in our workplace. We can’t think of a better way to tell our team, “Thanks, we appreciate you” than a day of hunting. And we know our guys are accomplishing that goal when they bring over 100 birds home after the hunt!