2018 marks the 80th anniversary of TKI.

Things look a little different today than they did back then (and our hair may have grayed a bit). Today, we offer residential and commercial solutions for portable storage, mobile offices, roll-off dumpster rental, concrete washout containers, and commercial landfill/recycling sites.

But it all began by hauling freight.

Let’s take a trip down TKI memory lane. Tom Kraemer, Inc. planted its roots in humble beginnings. In 1938, Albert Kraemer, the grandfather of current TKI owners Brian and Tim, started Kraemer Dray Line, hauling freight for the Burlington Northern Railroad.

Albert Kraemer 1938

Albert Kraemer – 1938

Albert was the first of many to expand the business when he began a refuse service in 1943. Since then, we’ve continued to expand, offering new and exciting services to meet your needs. But we’ll get to that later! For now, back to Albert.

In 1970, Albert sold Kraemer Dray Line to his oldest son Jim. And that’s how Kraemer Trucking and Excavating came to be. Then, services split when Jim’s younger brother Tom purchased the garbage route, calling it Town and Kountry Sanitation.

Town and Kountry really took off, quickly becoming one of the largest sanitation companies in the area. In fact, Tom Kraemer Sanitation was the first garbage company in the country to use volume-based pricing and one-stop pick up.

The next expansion came in 1989 when Tom opened TK Demolition Disposal in Cold Spring, Minnesota. 7 years later, Tom sold the garbage route. But he continued to dispose of demolition material, using just 2 trucks and 27 containers and re-named the company Tom Kraemer, Inc. or TKI.

Since then, a lot has changed – like the addition of our roll-off and landfill services and portable storage container services. But much more has stayed the same, like our commitment to customers, quality and professional service.  

TKI Team

For 80 years TKI has strived to offer excellent solutions to all of your storage, disposal, and office needs. So here’s to Albert! And here’s to another 80 years of partnering with you to get the job done.