This month, we take time to celebrate and practice gratitude. TKI wants to share how grateful we are for our wonderful employees! Our team at TKI has always worked together to provide top-notch customer service and uphold our company’s high standards. TKI Team Hunting Over the years, employees have become like family; we spend so many hours in the day together and we get together outside of work for fun and leisure. Here is a list of the many employees TKI is grateful to have working for us!

  • Jeffrey Patton
  • Daniel Jansen
  • Jason Capes
  • Riley Walker
  • John Herrly
  • Corey Klein
  • Gary Kammers
  • Nicolas Gugisberg
  • Michael Stang
  • Dennis Heinen
  • Brian French
  • Scott Monson
  • Michael Stalboerger
  • Matthew Hoepner
  • Paul Lieggi
  • Keith Massmann
  • Richard Dietman
  • Jonathan Holthaus
  • Robert Black
  • Philip Jensen
  • Toni Becker
  • Annette Stang
  • Aric Oeltjen
  • Kenneth Fuchs
  • Larry Borszich
  • Jon Fiedler
  • Danessa Noyes
  • Richard Lockhart
  • Michael Luethmers
  • Cory Rausch
  • Paul Schmitz
  • Theresa Bertram

Special recognition goes to Keith Massmann who works for TKI as a dispatcher and has been with us for 28 years! Thank you for your loyal service. Cory Rausch from human resources and Jonathan Holthaus in inside sales have worked for TKI for 17 years. Thank you to drivers Corey Klein and Dennis Heinen for more than a decade with TKI. We welcome our newest employee – Theresa Bertram – working in TKI’s Customer Service department.

TKI Picnic

Some employees have been with us for almost 30 years, while some are just starting with TKI. Regardless, each employee is a valuable and integral part of what we do!

TKI Grilling

This holiday season, we show our appreciation for hard-working employees who know how to get stuff done and who know how to have fun. Happy holidays everyone!