About TKI

Minnesota’s Trusted Container Partner

Tom Kraemer, Inc. provides industry-leading quality through our staff’s expertise and commitment to prompt, courteous customer service.

For three generations, the Kraemer family has been committed to its employees, customers, and quality services.

It all started in 1938, when Albert Kraemer started Kraemer Dray Line, hauling freight for the Burlington Northern Railroad and various other companies in the Central Minnesota area.

Albert’s businesses continued to develop throughout the decades and were eventually sold to his oldest son, Jim, in 1970. In 1977 Jim sold the garbage route to his brother Tom.

Tom expanded the business with a simple strategy: take care of the customer. In 1996 Tom sold the garbage route and reinvented the company with two trucks and 27 roll-off dumpsters. The company has expanded greatly since 1996 and Tom’s sons, Brian and Tim, mark the third generation to take over TKI.

At TKI, we know that it isn’t just what we do, but how we do it.

We don’t believe in automated messages or impersonal interactions — you can trust that when you give TKI a call, you’ll reach a professional, personable representative who can answer your questions promptly and accurately. Everyone on Team Blue is committed to unmatched care and accountability at every stage. You can be confident that when you need us, we’ll deliver.

Whether you seek us out for our quality storage containers and dumpsters, our standard-setting mobile offices, or join us on a community clean-up day at one of our public drop-off sites, we hope you’ll love being a part of the TKI family of customers.