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Elevate your storage experience.

Explore our range of portable storage container accessories crafted to elevate your storage experience. Our line of security locks offers unmatched protection, while our durable shelving enhances organization. With skid loader-friendly ramps for easy access and load locks for secure transit, all of TKI’s container accessories are designed for convenience, safety, and efficiency. Transform your container into an efficient and secure space with these essential upgrades.

Storage container padlock

Stay Secure With a Container Padlock

Safeguard your storage container with a TKI padlock. When used in conjunction with our built-in lock box, padlocks become an elevated security solution that deters theft and unauthorized access. These padlocks also come equipped with a special height shackle, offering enhanced versatility and adaptability for a wide range of security needs. This dual-layered approach ensures your valuables are safeguarded and secure on location.

Lock box on a storage unit

Enhance Safety With a Lock Box

To enhance the security of your possessions, TKI storage containers come equipped with a lock box, welded directly onto the container door. TKI lock boxes form a protective encasing for your padlock – a simple yet effective way to protect against tampering or forced entry. Designed to shield the padlock from bolt cutters, drills, and other tools used to breach security, this built-in safeguard creates an additional layer of security. Maintain your peace of mind knowing that your items are well protected.

Storage shelf accessory

Maximize Storage Space with Storage Container Shelves

Optimize your on-site storage with TKI’s durable storage container shelves, designed for heavy loads where durability is required. To maximize storage capacity, each shelving unit is 20 inches deep and extends to an impressive 18 feet in length. TKI’s storage container shelves create efficient organization and provide effortless access to your items, making them the ideal solution to enhance your storage system.

Storage container ramp

Increase Efficiency and Safety with Ramps

Safely and efficiently move heavy, bulky items to and from your storage container with TKI’s Loading Ramps. Designed with skid loaders in mind, TKI’s ramps provide easy access and a sturdy foundation for entering and exiting your container with heavy loads. By incorporating storage container ramps into your portable container setup, you’re not just adding a piece of equipment; you’re streamlining and optimizing operations, increasing efficiency, and easing the physical burden of the loading and unloading process.

Load Lock Storage Container Accessory

Prevent Cargo Shift and Breakage with Load Locks

Keep your possessions secure and avoid breakage with Load Locks, TKI’s essential tool for storage tucks and portable storage containers on the move. Simply position and lock the adjustable bars between the walls of your container or truck to create a stable barrier. This barrier prevents cargo from shifting during transit, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents during transport. With TKI’s Load locks, feel confident that your valuables are securely anchored and will arrive safely in the same condition, just as they were when you packed them.

External red lock for a storage unit

Heavy Duty Red Locks

Prioritize Safety and protection with Heavy Duty Red Locks. Engineered to offer maximum resistance against harsh weather conditions, tampering, cutting, and picking, Red Locks are ideal for keeping your valuables safe. Redlocks offer an added layer of protection and are used when extra security is needed. Put a barrier between your possessions and potential intruders. Whether commercial, industrial, or personal storage, maintain peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe from theft.

Man installing a load lock in a storage unit

Level Up Your Storage with Storage Container Accessories

Elevate your storage solutions with TKI’s storage container accessories designed to give your belongings an extra layer of protection, enhance security, and improve storage management. From load locks to ramps, storage shelving, and more, TKI has premium accessories to ensure your possessions are not just stored, but secured and efficiently managed. Contact us to learn more about TKI storage container accessories.

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