Since our very beginnings, TKI has undergone quite a few changes. Now on our third generation, TKI is proud to be a family-owned and operated company. We started small in 1938 and have been providing dependable service and commitment to our customers ever since.

Joining forces with a company like Reliable Roll-off just made sense.

Tom and Sue Dullinger started Reliable Rolloff in 1998 with just one truck and 16 containers. They have grown over the years, but they still maintain their family values and small-town mentality. Reliable Roll-off is  – like TKI – dedicated to customer service and providing the best services possible.

Reliable roll-off now offers over 170 containers in 10, 20, and 30 cubic yard sizes. They also have a Transfer Station to dump smaller amounts of rubbish and staff on hand full-time. Though now equipped with a small staff – mostly Tom and Sue’s sons – the Dullinger’s still answer their own calls and maintain their family values.

TKI team photo

As such similar companies with the same family values and commitment to their customers, TKI and Reliable Roll-off are excited to grow and come together. The TKI family is especially excited to see the Reliable Roll-off team join the annual TKI company picnic this year, which takes place June 10th.